Join us in helping

psychical and mental rehabilitation of our soldiers





After the passing of Haikproject’s founder, Child Psychiatrist, Dr. Arthur Pogosyan’s friend, Dr. Allen Azizian has created a scholarship fund to celebrate the life and legacy of Dr. Pogosyan.

Arthur Pogosyan scholarship fund is an annual grant allocated to a doctoral psychology students in Armenia for a research projects. To date, a few excellent research projects have been accomplished with this fund. This year’s initiative is very timely, since it entails treatment of our soldiers with different modalities, targeted to treat PTSD.

Dr. Allen Azizian rushed to Armenia shortly after the war broke, since the need for psychological rehabilitation is painfully high. He is reporting that thousands of soldiers and their families are in dire state of mind. This initiative is one great way to rehabilitate and rebuild those broken lives.

Please join us supporting the scholarship in general that keeps Dr. Pogosyan’s work and legacy alive, but most importantly, supporting the mental rehabilitation of our soldiers.

Please see the links below to learn more about the project.

The annual budget for this project is only $4000.

Please consider helping treat our soldiers so they can integrate into society with healthy mental state.