Here is what others are saying:

“Thank you Haik Project! Words can not describe how grateful I am for the amount of valuable information I was provided with. I was not aware of the benefits of nursing my daughter and was afraid that my daughter was not getting enough nutrition through my breast milk, but Astrik at Haik Project helped me realize how extremely important breast feeding was for the overall health of my child. I am extremely happy that I was able to give the best possible nutrition for my child and was not influenced by many to formula feed my baby.
I still continue to nurse my daughter, who is almost 14 months old thanks to Astrik. I feel empowered with the amount of information I was provided. This is a great organization that is crucial for the current generation who may have many questions about raising a healthy and happy child. With many being tricked into believing that they do not have enough breast milk for their child to thrive, can now take a breath and contact Haik Project. They will help you feel confident enough to exclusively breast feed your child and watch him/her grow as nature intended without giving harmful substitutes that are provided out there.
Thank you for being there for me and my little one!”

Anna Boyrazyan

“I am so thankful to haikProject for presenting these seminars. They shared information every mother, grandmother, great-grandmother and mother-to-be needs to know, and every man should know to support women in their journey through motherhood.”

Alan DerMarderosian

“One of the most uplifting seminars I’ve ever attended. Astrik Vardanyan’s research was most detailed, and the logic of things most intelligent. Most importantly a great encouragement to a parent towards everything that’s closer to nature, immensely human and nurturing. I would very much be interested in future HaikProject programs and seminars. Thank you.”

Yeva Adalyan

“Depressed and frustrated is how I felt after few days of unsuccessful breastfeeding. Everyone tried to help me but most of them only said that it was normal for a woman not to breastfeed and bottle-feed instead. I wanted to breastfeed my child and I dove in to a greater depression as my attempts were marked as unsuccessful by the ones who tried to help me. Soon I gave up breastfeeding while suffering greatly psychologically. Few days later Astrik contacted me, she simply said that she knew exactly how I felt. She empowered me and said that I could still breastfeed even though I had stopped breastfeeding two weeks now. I used the simple techniques that they taught me and sure enough I was able breastfed my son until he was 2 years old. As I started to successfully breastfeed, I no longer was suffering from depression. Thank you for your support and I wish success to HaikProject!”

Suzanne Sarkissian

“Astrik Vardanyan is a wonderful resource for parents – her knowledge of anthropology, history, human biology, mothering, and infant care, combined with her international perspective, create a unique and powerful learning experience in her seminars. I wish you continued success!”

Danielle Gladding

 “When our first child was born, we were worried about doing anything wrong – in fact, we thought we might be doing everything wrong. Luckily, haikProject gave us the courage we needed during those first precious days to do what was best for our child and for us. That was to simply do what came natural. We are forever grateful to haikProject for all that we learned and continue to learn as parents and members of Haik Project. We are proud of the important work that they have done and excited to be a part of their mission – to empower parents with the knowledge and the courage needed to support the wellbeing of our children.”

Harry and Liana Kistorian

“I want to say thank you for all of it. The information, the passion, the energy, etc. You are a few of many.”


“It is said that knowledge is power. In the case of haikProject, parents are empowered to make the best decisions for their children through receiving critical information on various aspects of parenthood. None of the seminars should be missed as each one is unique and highly eye-opening. Too many parents make very common mistakes, and haikProject ensures they don’t fall into those patterns.”

  Samvel Lazariev

Haik Project’s mission is noble: bringing awareness to the most important step for parents to create helthier next generation.

Whenever there is a choice and we are faced of making a decision, such as to breastfeed or not, natural birth or C-section, circumcise or not, we always get a lot of pamphlets with tons of information that confuses us even more with medical terminology. When we can ask our busy OB/Gyn we get the “classical” one sentence which usually is: “ weeeeeell, it’s up to you”!!!
Here is when the seminars given by haikProject come to play a crucial role; these presentations are the most inoformative and engaging. At haikProject, the speakers are true educators, who bring their personal observations and experiences to  their strong scientific base.
In this age of internet we can all read, explore every subject we want but often the information can be misleading. Attending haikProject, listening to the seminars and being part of the group discussion at the end of the seminar with Dr. Manuelian makes it all worthwhile.
Being a mother of two boys, I will urge everyone to attend these seminars to learn and prevent any possible effects that not knowing may have. “

  Nune Pogosyan, RN

“HaikProject’s role in our society is pivotal and greater than it first seems. Founders Astrik and Arthur are a breath of fresh air balancing the heavy weight of the techno-medical perspective with that of a natural, bio-genetic expression of life. Their background in Medical Anthropology and Child & Adolescent Psychiatry combined with their passionate search for the wellbeing of each and every child makes them well equipped and irreplaceable. As for the monthly seminars they are simply transformational. Dynamic and well researched on issues of contemporary concern and presented in a lucid fashion that makes them accessible to all. Everyone will benefit from the material presented as well as the group discussions at the workshops.”

  Ana Cowe

“HaikProject is doing remarkable work in providing much needed education. Providing expert knowledge backed by reliable research, HaikProject is bound to touch many lives!”

  Shakeh Haroutounian

So let me put it this way: If you like your breasts, and you want to enjoy them for the rest of your life, this seminar is vital!!! This is NOT your typical breast cancer seminar. I went to Astrik Vardanyan’s seminar on breast health, and therefore I cannot tell you how important it is that you attend. Let me put it this way: If you kept believing the earth is flat, you’d always remain afraid to walk far. If we don’t have the courage to learn about the truth about mammography and ‘pinkwashing’, then you’re at the mercy of ‘mainstream’ medical sceenings and treatment. Don’t get me wrong, many screenings of mainstream medicine are life-savers, but is mammography? Think twice. I had to, after I learned from Astrik’s presentation on breast health. Did you know that some of the products sold with pink ribbon symbols & advertised to have you believe you’re helping fund breast cancer research, are products that contain carcinogens? Well, there’s so much more to learn at this seminar. You can choose to believe what we’ve all been led to believe about mammogrpahy or you can choose to learn about possibly better ways to keep your breasts whole and healthy!!

  Dr. Violet Hovsepian Mesrkhani

Haik project educational seminars have truly changed my perceptive on how I view women’s/children’s/men’s wellbeing & health. I can’t emphasis enough how the cutting edge research and information that these seminars provide effect my life both personally & professionally on a daily bases. My experience is one of a ripple effect…from Haik project, to myself, to my students/interns, family members, friends, clients. From people I share with to individuals they share with etc., etc., the education goes on and on. I know that this is exactly what Haik project strives for, they understand the ripple effect & encourage it.
The seminar introduced most recently on breast health is a gift & blessing to all women and men. Information on the latest research relating to effects of mammography, the emphasis on breast cancer prevention & options related to screening proceeders is extremely empowering and important. I highly recommend that everyone (mothers, grandmothers, teenagers, fathers, boyfriends, husbands etc.) attend the breast health seminar as we all have breasts and are affected by cancer.

  Dr. Lisa Manuelian

Keep up the great work…you are empowering our community with every given lecture/presentation…always wonderful to hear a different perspective grounded in research and studies…

  Arsineh Ararat

I’ve attended a few of Haik Project’s seminars, and I have to say that they were extremely informative. I was very impressed by the presenters, Astrik and Dr. Pogosyan. I have recommended your seminars to many people, and will continue to do so. Thank you for all the education you provide. It’s definitely enlightening.

  Adrine Avetyan

We welcome your feedback about your experience with haikProject educational programs.

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