As an anthropologist and a mother of three boys I co-founded haikProject together with my husband Arthur Pogosyan, a child and adolescent psychiatrist to bring awareness of many aspects of childbirth and parenthood. Too many times as a new mother I said to myself,
I wish I’d known.
We thought that we ought to share with other parents(to-be) the things that we learned though our education and our own life experience of success and also failures. I researched extensively various child rearing practices of both Western and developing cultures. Arthur has his expertise in human development and common childhood disorders. However, our three boys have been our ultimate source of knowledge about the life passages of pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum care.

There are unlimited ways of parenting, and one discovers them through natural instincts and intuition. However, we’ve have come to find some areas, where parents get confused between science, nature and societal customs. This is where new parents need expertise.

We all agree that a few crucial issues leave indelible mark on the health and wellbeing of the child, as well as the mother. It is our utmost belief that a few health-related choices will either establish a good foundation or traumatize the child with long-term repercussions. haikProject’s vision is to establish a healthy, peaceful, non-violent childbirth and parenting.

Please, explore this site, get informed and most importantly, engage and become an active member of our foundation. Regardless of our professions, we are all concerned parents! Let’s get together to build a network of parents and professionals to promote education for the wellbeing of our children!



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