To Cut or not to Cut?

Circumcision is the removal of the double layered fold of skin that covers the glans (head) of the penis.

Circumcision has been debated within scientific, religious and lay circles for many decades. Most parents however,  do not base their decision on the scientific knowledge, but rather on simply cultural perceptions.

Our seminars introduce data on circumcision topic from a medical perspective. We provide in-depth research conducted in several countries.

haikProject also frames the issue through the lens of history and religion, and touches upon social and cultural sensibilities of the topic.

Since circumcision is also a sexual issue and thus, a delicate matter of personal politics, haikProject’s circumcision seminar is not a common “pros and cons” discussion, but rather a comprehensive discourse of the medical, cultural and religious practice.

Parents to be get a wealth of information to make an informed decision for their sons.

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