Yuck, Leonardo De Caprio is not circumcised? I’m not watching his movies any more (young woman).
Yeah, intact penis makes for a bad acting!

Female circumcision is satanic (Jehovah’s Witness).
Yeah! And cutting male genitalia is “angelic”!

Women will not go down on you if you are not circumcised (a young man).
Will women modify their genitalia for men to go down on them?

I don’t want to talk about it (young male).
If you can’t talk about it then you shouldn’t be doing it to your son.

I don’t need to see a picture (a young mother).
If it’s too awful to look at a picture why you would want to do it to your child?

It’s just a little snip (an ObGyn doctor).
No, it’s an amputation!

I do it for cosmetic reasons (an ObGyn doctor).
Are you a cosmetic surgeon?

It protects against penile cancer (an elderly woman).
You’re more likely to be struck by lightning than to suffer from penile cancer.

It protects against penile cancer (an elderly man).
You need to cut off the whole penis to prevent penile cancer.

Circumcised penis is cleaner (a young woman).
A circumcised vagina is cleaner too. No nasty skin folds, no smegma buildup, flat and clean and no chance of ever developing cancer!

Circumcised penis is cleaner (a young boy).
Yes it is cleaner, a mouth with no teeth is cleaner too, no brushing and flossing necessary.

It protects against AIDS (a homosexual male).
The US has the highest rate of circumcision among the industrialized nations, and the highest rate of AIDS. Obviously, it hasn’t protected Americans.

I’m against circumcision, unless it’s done for religious reasons (a middle-aged woman).
Why, do you think Jewish and Muslim boys should suffer? Are you anti-Semitic?

I’m circumcised and I’m fine (a young man).
You’re not fine, a movable and sensitive part of your penis is missing, and you’re not even aware of it.

I don’t think it’s a torture; it’s a personal opinion (a mother).
A child going through circumcision shows all the signs of an adult undergoing torture: muscle contractions, excessive screaming, losing consciousness, increased heart rate, elevated blood pressure, sometimes, defecation… How else is torture defined?

Mind your own business! (a Christian cleric).
Preventing child abuse is everybody’s business!

It’s a futile pursuit (a Christian cleric).
Since when protecting children is a futile task?

I don’t have an opinion on circumcision.
Do you have an opinion on child abuse or rape, or on female circumcision?

It’s the Covenant between Abraham and God!
Circumcision wasn’t in the original scriptures.

It’s the parents who request circumcision (a doctor).
What you permit, you promote.

He’ll be teased in the locker room (a pregnant woman).
Who teases who? Tell your son that he’s got something they miss.

You are biased (a medical student).
The irrational desire to cut off pieces of children’s sexual organs is the bias.

Nowadays we use anesthesia for pain (a doctor).
Is rape under anesthesia OK?

I prefer circumcised penis (a mother).
Are you planning on having sex with your son? It’s illegal to impose your sexual fetishes on your child.

My husband insists on it.
It’s easier for you to get a new husband than for your son to get a new foreskin.

It’s the parent’s decision (mother).
A parent doesn’t have the right to harm a child.

Jesus was circumcised!
He was also crucified. The question is not what was done to Jesus, but what would Jesus do?

It’s just an extra fold of skin.
It’s fifteen square inches, the size of an index-card with ten thousand nerve endings.

It’s useless skin!
Men who still have it find it very useful.

It’s an easy surgery.
Ask the baby, who screams in agony while part of his penis is cut off.

Are you anti-Semitic? (an Armenian history scholar).
95% of infant circumcision in the US is medicalized circumcision
Also, don’t you care about Jewish boys?

Why are you so interested in penises?
Because babies can’t speak for themselves!

Pervert! (an elderly woman).
Who are the perverts – us, or the people who are obsessed with cutting babies’ genitals?

Too late for me (a man).
Sorry about that, but not too late for more than a million US babies a year.

So you’re equating FGM with male circumcision? (a teacher).
Anatomically, clitoral hood is equivalent to male foreskin. How much of the body of a child has to be cut off before it becomes a mutilation?

Sorry, I don’t have a penis (a teenage girl).
Male circumcision changes the mechanics of the sex for both sexes because the moving parts of the penis are gone and you have an immobile stick instead.

I’m a lesbian!
Does it mean that gay men should not be concerned about FGM?

But it’s disgusting! (a young lady).
That’s what they say in countries where they cut little girls, too.

Circumcised penis is prettier (a young lady).
The fashion has changed.

It was years ago (a middle-aged man).
Has your foreskin grown back yet?



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